How to Build AR-10

How to Build An AR-10

The AR-10 ArmaLite is almost on same build with AR-308, but there are few striking differences between the two. First thing first, the parts of AR-10 is the older version of AR-308 and is smaller than the latest version. The receiver has two holes for spring, the one holds the selector in place. Another difference …

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AR 10 Rifle -greybeard outdoors

What Is An AR-10 Rifle?

The AR-10 rifle is a lightweight air cooled magazine fed, gas operated rifle that uses a conventional layout with a pistol grip, handguard and buttstock. It is a long range .308 caliber rifle that weighs about 9 pounds. First developed in late 1955 and 1956 by Eugene Stoner of the Aramlite division of the Fairchild …

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