Weaver Classic Rimfire 2.5-7X28 Riflescope Review

The Weaver has a long and rich history of delivering a wide array of excellent Riflescopes. First introduced by its maker “Bill Weaver” back in 1930, the Weaver name has become synonymous with Riflescopes ever since. The brand as in general has grown ever since its inception and has shown tremendous improvements in its succeeding products ever since their first Riflescope. They are generally tagged as a “three star” Scopes by various Rifle scope reviewers pointing out that they are just average, but in recent years the brand has proved all that critics wrong with some of their highly efficient products. The Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7X28 scope is one of those highly acclaimed products.

Material and Design

The most intriguing feature of the Weaver Classic 2.5-7×28 Rimfire has to be its extremely lightweight characteristic. Its design is simple and complete no-nonsense kind of a thing. It just does what it’s supposed to without appearing too flashy or fancy. It is available in 2 different color options; silver and Matte black. The Matte black finish looks sleek and just gives it a more appealing aspect. The overall design is slim with its brand logo on the side of the turret adjustment in a green and gold border. This adds an additional classy look to it.

The materials used in overall construction looks pretty solid. You won’t find any cheap materials on the scope, and you can feel that from your examination. Anywhere you touch will give you the feel of proper high-quality material. This is primarily because they are made from one piece of the same aluminum (aircraft grade) main tubes.


The Weaver Classic Rimfire 2.5-7X28 performs more than satisfactory in terms of magnification aspect. It has a parallax correction of 50 yards by default (which is rather the standard range for a Rimfire scope) and is more than capable of giving you a satisfactory image of the target object at its full range. The Zoom factor can be adjusted anywhere from 2.5x zoom-7xzoom, and the result is dependent on how far away the object is. Practically, the Weaver Rimfire scope is suitable for short-range hunting. The various zoom settings provide clear vision without significant blurs and also offer a wide viewing field, hence, enabling optimum vision around the target as well. The objective lens diameter is smaller than most Rimfire scopes, but this doesn’t affect its efficiency in a serious manner as one would think. If anything, it allows a more concentrated and clearer image production.

Optics Performance

The optics performance in Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7×28 Scope lives up to its rich history. The optics performs well in any lighting conditions and features a fully multi-coated optics that makes it possible to perform equally in any conditions. It provides crystal-clear images and excellent edge-to-edge clarity. The optics and lenses are fully waterproof and anti-fog as well, so your vision and most importantly the optics performance isn’t weather dependent. The light gathering characteristic is excellent and, hence, the optics give you a clearer image of the target object at any lighting conditions. Any source of available light is absorbed by the lens and penetrated throughout its entire length to give you a brighter image to enhance your vision. The optics perform consistently throughout the zoom range.


The turret adjustment mounting on the Weaver RV 7 2.5-7×28 Scope is minimal, unlike some other Scopes that has a bulky turret mounting. The adjustments are not the most convenient as the action can be achieved by using a coin or a screwdriver. Most people would rather prefer a simple hand adjustment rather than using additional objects to make necessary adjustments. The whole process of adjustment is by rotating the ocular bell by using the above-mentioned objects. But that turret or windage and elevation adjustment are really accurate. Once you’ve found the right settings, you really don’t require any adjustments thereafter. Maybe that’s why they made the turret adjustments as it is (to prevent frequent adjustments).

Eye Relief

The eye relief distance in the Weaver RV-7 Rimfire is more than adequate to protect your eyes without compromising your visions. The eye relief factor ranges from 3.7”-3.3,” and this provides a good eye distance to avoid any undesired recoil actions and allow you to view the entire image of the object.



The Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7X28 Riflescope is an extremely lightweight scope that will fit in perfectly with any of your favorite hunting rifles. This is particularly true for those who prefer “light hunting” as in squirrels. The scope is a well made and feels pretty solid in its overall structure. It also provides a generous adjustment range, excellent optics performance, good zoom range and adequate viewing area, and all that for a reasonable cost. It certainly deserves a positive recommendation.

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