Vortex Optics Reviews

Vortex optics is not your traditional optical equipment company. The American owned company was founded in 1986 by veterans. Also, they are a family company and are based in the state of Wisconsin. Initially, the company was an outdoor retail store that worked hard to make sure that their customers were the first priority in every endeavor they undertook. By focusing on helping the customers above everything else, the company grew and eventually became Vortex Optics in 2002. They continue to grow to this day and have a team of over 200 members who devote all their time to become the premier optics company for their customers.

The company understands the importance of building products they feel are worthy of the hard-earned money their customers spend on them. Vortex optics is so dedicated to their customers; you will find an “About You” page on their website instead of the traditional “About Us.” Vortex Optics wagers the success of their company on the fact that they provide customers the tools they need with the features they deserve. Vortex Optics states this is the only reason they exist in the first place. This is just one of the many reasons this company is different from all the other optics brands in the industry.

Their business can be summed up by three things people, products, and promises. Just like everything else in their business, first and foremost are the people. Vortex Optics puts their money where their mouth is by not only stating that customers are their top priority; they prove it by offering best in class warranty and replacement programs. The second principle is their products, which are, in their opinion, the highest quality and most durable optic offerings available on the market today. Vortex Optics takes the feedback from its customers seriously. They use it to develop and improve their extensive product lines. The final principle that guides their optics business is their promises. Vortex optics promises to provide excellence in all areas of their business.

The company has a large product line of optic devices aimed at helping the modern-day hunter in their pursuit of prey. They offer a wide variety of rifle scopes, red dot scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders. Vortex Optics stands behind all of its products with confidence because they can test them personally in their state-of-the-art facilities. Through extensive testing, high-quality materials, precision engineering, and customer influenced design Vortex Optics can offer a product that exceeds their customers’ expectations.

Vortex Optics offers its products in numerous countries worldwide, including the United States, England, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. As they continue to grow, so does their commitment to their customers. With an ever-expanding product line and a consistent and formidable presence at all major tradeshows, they aim to become the premier manufacturer of sportsman’s optical equipment on the globe. If they can continue on their pursuit of providing exceptional customer service, there is no ceiling for how high this company can go in the optical device market. Vortex Optics brand is proof that the customer is always right.

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