Trijicon Reviews

Way back in 1981, Trijicon began it’s path on the road to successfully supplying their customers with the Tritium powered optics they demand. While visiting South Africa, Glyn Bindon met one of his brother’s friends who made sights for guns. After a brief discussion, Bindon decided he would try and sell them as a side job, in America. In essence, he agreed to be a salesman for his brother’s friend.

The name of the product was Armson, and the first sale came to be in 1983. With similarities to a rifle scope used in Vietnam during a raid in 1970, the Armson OEG red dot had more powerful features and a variety of mounting options on rifles and shotguns. The Armson OEG was set in stores for sale in 1983.

In 1985, Bindon began to sell the first Tritium reticle riflescope. During this time he was also considering a name change to Trijicon. The ACOG came to be in 1987. ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. In almost no time, the United States Army included this piece of equipment in the Advanced Combat Rifle Program.

From 1988 onwards, Trijicon has become a top provider for the FBI, the US Army and many others. In 1992, the BAC, Bindon Aiming Concept was launched. The German Swat and US Navy Seals adopted this ACOG as their main piece. The sales began climbing and soon hunting sights were included in the product line-up.

Since Bindon’s death, nothing has stopped Trijicon from continuing to advance in the optics field. The US Marine Corp has made Trijicon the primary product for use, otherwise known as RCO (Rifle Combat Optic).

Today you will find a wide variety of products offered by Trijicon. The supply riflescopes, iron sights, thermal sights wind and range finding equipment, as well as mounts and accessories, gear and other accessories. Trijicon is one of the top providers for law enforcement, military, hunting and target shooting as well as personal protection accessories.

Trijicon has a professional staff that can answer any question to ensure you have the equipment and accessories you need.

Trijicon leads the industry in superior sights for aiming in any form of light. Trijicon is trusted by law and military, with the high-quality optics to get your tasks completed. The company manufactures the military grade thermal optics used by the US and overseas.

Trijicon also offers long range shooting classes and other class options to help the customer learn how to sight in and use the accessories correctly and professionally. The quality and the durability of each Trijicon accessory or product is unmatched worldwide. One of the major claims that Trijicon can make is that it has a battery free illuminated reticle. The proof is in the product, and the life of a marine saved by a Trijicon optic that took a shot from an AK round and continued to work afterwards.

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