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The story of the optics brand TecTecTec is undoubtedly an interesting one. TecTecTec is a company that was founded by engineer Renan Lore. In 2014 in a studio apartment, Renan and his partners began building the sports optics brand. From its very inception, the company has been unique within the optics industry. The companies name was created in a bar in the Vannes harbor, and they built their business off the small inventory of 50 rangefinders and cameras. They have grown considerably since then and have a unique company culture that is different than most.

Director Renan is described as a “fearless leader” and is the foundation of the optics company. He has had many years of personal experience in the eastern world and used that as a pedestal to enter the golf optics business. When he was looking at the market for product options, he noticed something. Renan found that the chain of custody for range finding devices was convoluted and left his customers paying exorbitant prices. He decided that he could eliminate unnecessary parts of the supply chain process. This allowed TecTecTec to deliver high-quality optical goods directly to his customers at the prices they deserved.

On this foundation, he started the company in France. It has since expanded to include distribution channels in the United States. The original team was incredibly young by traditional standards, with the age of 36, and a large part of the company’s current team resides in Bali. There they can enjoy activities such as break of dawn surfing to get their workday started. This is just one of the unique aspects of the culture of TecTecTec that makes it different from other optics resellers.

The optics company has a diverse product line that offers solutions to golfers and hunters. For the golfer, they offer a GPS watch, as well as a large offering of feature-packed range finding utilities. For the hunter, the product offerings include rangefinders, binoculars, scopes, and various accessories. All product offerings of their range finding devices contain premium components to result in a quality product for the highest of standards. With the precise measurements, that the company boasts are the best in the range-finding market, the hunter can get an accurate distance. Leaving no doubt about how long the shot needs to be. At the same time, golfers can enjoy the same reliability in distance measurement so they can be assured they have the right club to hit the perfect shot.

In addition to providing unbeatable prices to their customers, there are a few other principles that the company stands by in their commitment to excellence. They read every letter that is written and sent to them by their customers and keep the letters as a reminder of who they serve. Through their exceptional product lines and commitment to providing excellent customer service, the company has become the leading online vendor of range-finding products. Whether a golfer needs equipment to hit the perfect shot, or a hunter needs to get an accurate distance with confidence, TecTecTec is the affordable brand they can trust.

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