Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm Riflescope Review

The Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm is the cheapest variant in the long list of the Tasco scope products. The Tasco Rimfire is literally just a giveaway. The features that you get from it are unbelievable, and it performs quite good too. Tasco has a long history of rolling out excellent rifle scopes in terms of performance, and they also have good pricing in general. The rimfire 3-7x 20mm rifle scope in specific is extremely functional for its price tag as well. Sure, you may find some shortcomings, but if you expect a fully functional proper rifle scope at its price tag, you’re just delusional and preposterous.

Material and Design

The material and the overall quality is something that you won’t complain about in the Tasco 3-7×20 Rimfire Scope. The material and the overall design is sturdy and feels solid at best. The quality of materials used in its construction is highly tested and proven quality. The scope doesn’t have any issues with durability factor, and it is more than capable of withstanding any kind of falls or any external stress. The design is simple at best. Nothing fancy or any wow factor but it does what it’s supposed to do with extreme ease. The scope is extremely light, weighing just about 5.8 ounces or 0.16 kg. This lightweight feature makes it extremely convenient to mount it on any rifle without much effect on the Rifle’s weight. The Tasco Rimfire Scope 3-7x20mm has a glossy black finish helping it to stand out from the usual matte black finish that most Rimfire Rifle Scopes has.


The magnification power and performance of the Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm Scope is quite impressive. In addition to the effective zooming capability, it also performs really well within the entire zooming range. The image may appear a bit blurry on long distances, but again, take its pricing into consideration. The magnification power can be adjusted from 3x zoom to 7x zoom, and the results are mo than satisfactory. The objective lens diameter is 20mm. This is quite less in comparison to other rifle scopes, but the smaller diameter only makes it more convenient to mount it on any rifle and also provides a more strong and enhanced image result. It has an effective field-of-view range of 100 yards and a parallax setting of 50 yards. So any objects within those ranges will appear clear without any significant blurriness.

Optics Performance

The optics on the Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm  Rifle Scope is amazing. No one will believe that the optics is from such a low-priced Rimfire Riflescope. With the level of HD clarity that the optics provide, you will easily be spending twice the amount if you want to get the same level of performance from any higher-priced rifle scopes. The optics feature a magneta multi-coating that enhances the image quality of the object at any distance. The multi-coating helps immensely in allowing every minute available light source to pass through it and gives you a brighter and clearer image. The optics lenses also feature anti-reflection property to prevent any light from reflecting your eyes directly, hence, allowing you to view the objects without any hindrance. The scope does an excellent job during daytime or any natural lighting, whereas, the performance on dark conditions are just satisfactory but better than most budget rifle scopes. On top of all that, the scope comes with a lens cover to prevent any dust or any foreign particles on the lens when you’re not using it.


The 30/30 Reticle is identical to the traditional Duplex reticle. In fact, the whole mechanism is basically the same thing. What sets the Duplex and 30/30 reticle is that the latter is used specifically for measuring the approximate distance of the deer. Leupold, the original creator of the Duplex Reticle system, came up with the 30/30 Reticle to assist the hunters in particular. The 30/30 Reticle is also popularly known as a 4X reticle. The simplest way of understanding this is to assume that the reticle performs at 4x power. The distance is approximated by taking the distance between the inner crosshairs to be 30 inches at 100 yards and so on. The two interesting crosshairs forms a vertical and horizontal crosshair, hence the name 30/30.



If you’re looking for a proper and fully functional Rifle Scope, you may want to skip this scope. But, if you’re looking for a high-performance rifle scope at a budget price, there is no product that can out-perform the Tasco Rimfire Rifle Scope 3-7x20mm. Its optics performance is amazing, and it can easily put those high-priced scopes to shame, not to forget it’s 30/30 reticle mechanism. All in all, the product out-delivers its price and is a great buy for any hunting enthusiast.

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