Simmons Venture Laser Rangefinder Reviews

If you must know, seriously, this Simmons Venture rangefinder has one of its models SVL620B as the variety of rangefinder known for the amount of money any customer would like to pay. Surely, you will be thankful for the benefit this product would offer you despite the cheap cost.

Among all optical devices, a rangefinder functions in measuring distance from an observer to his/her target through ranging. Importantly, Simmons Venture rangefinder is a perfect laser device to use for your hunting and golfing but over short distances.

However, you do not necessarily need buying the ever best type of rangefinder with huge cash. Since a good type of rangefinder can even provide higher values for your money compared to a great type of rangefinder. Therefore, if that rangefinder happens to be good enough, and there are some advanced features you do not need, then you need not spend on any other model that’s more expensive.

After all, this Simmons rangefinder is of simple design but a robust device that’s good for short-ranged gun and bow hunters.

The device helps with better target accuracy, and the in-view Lead capacitive display provides exact distance to target up to 625 yards by just tapping its single button. Also, the 6x magnification & bright, highly clear optics bring you close with your target.

Detailing the Venture Laser rangefinder model SVL620BT, states much of the similarities between the 2 modes but only little differences. The magnification and objective are same as mentioned. Its battery and performance ranges as like the aforementioned. Same weight as well as the length of the device. The specific difference is the fact that the SVL620BT model supports the Tilt technology.

To let you know more about the Tilt technology, the SVL620BT which supports it thus means it can perform calculations of horizontal distance truly and accurately for any angled shots. In addition, this helps with having a higher level of shooting accuracy.

Nevertheless, these Venture models are perfect for doing easy targeting. Note that, the Simmons Venture rangefinders have a special ergonomic design that helps to make targeting become more precise and easier. Even, the ranging performance of these models are very accurate and you can see that from its display of high-contrast images when observed. Although, its display system still works well while in a poor light condition.

Simmons Venture Rangefinder Features

The Venture models of rangefinders are built from aluminium material that’s encased in a housing made of rubber. Although they are designed as rainproof but not totally waterproof anyways, and you have to be very cautious of that, minding not staying long under the rain.

They are an ergonomic as well as lightweight rangefinder as mentioned earlier, which attract some benefits. They actually weigh below five ounces from estimation.

Specifically, you will need to spend more money to get the Tilt model of these rangefinders. That’s in case you need a compensation for angular ranging, so that it can provide you with horizontal distance to the target you are keeping. However, you can save your money when you are hunting in a flat terrain, and when you do not make use of any tree stand.

These Venture models range as far as 625 yards for a reflective surface, whereas it will only be able to range deer to a distance of 250 yards: that is when under good conditions.

It is operated by just one button, which consequently makes the usage to be very simple. The battery designed for the operation of the Venture rangefinder is a CR2 battery, and it has associated neck strap.

The specific product information you should note are

The light weight associated with this product will not way you down while hunting.

Also, for the SVL620BT model, the combination of a provided invisible infrared laser with its inclinometer and the 6×20 monocular components will ensure you are able to accurately range to your intended/targeted object. As such, this Simmons Venture rangefinder provide you with the necessary tool with which you can take any shot at your target with much confidence: even when your terrain of operation is rough.

It can cover reasonable distances of up to 625 yards for a reflective target such as prisms placed on top of certain golf flags, likewise it can reach trees at 480 yards away and large sized animals like a deer, all with good accuracy.

The Venture model with the integrated inclinometer helps to measure the downward or upward angle that lies between you and the object you’re targeting. At same time, the Tilt technology helps to calculate and then display an adjusted level of distance that resultantly improves the accuracy of your shot.

You will always prefer to use the Simmons Venture rangefinder while in the fields or other places, because of its intuitive and simple mode of operation, the high clarity of displayed images, and its ergonomic form factor.



This article must have helped you to discover the detailed usefulness of the Simmons Venture rangefinder in both models of design. You should remember that, from their usage, high-contrast images will be provided for you. Likewise, you will be able to always make accurate targets even on rough terrain of hunting or golfing.

Therefore, buying and using this product won’t be disappointing for its little cost price and you will like its light, handy design.

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