Simmons Optics Reviews

For the modern hunter, Simmons brand optics are an invaluable tool for their craft. Simmons has been operating since the mid-1980s with a passion for developing precision optics. This attention has led to several acquisitions of the company to have access to their technologies. They take pride in the fact that they can pack so many features into their high-performance riflescopes in addition to providing spot-on accuracy that their customers trust.

The unique thing about Simmons is that they are not just leaders within their market. Still, they developed innovative new products that helped define it. They developed the technology for the rifle mounted a spherical scope. This gave them the advantage they needed to create an entire range of high-end scopes to offer independent dealers. They were the first company to provide independent dealers’ access to high-quality optical equipment.

This history of innovation piqued the interest of the Meade corporation, known for their technological advances in telescopic technology, and the Meade corp. acquired Simmons in 2002. The merger of these two optical pioneers enabled Simmons to reinvent the modern riflescope with their Master Series line of products. They used the engineering experience of the two companies to identify all of the problems with riflescope design and develop a product that alleviated all of the issues. The result was the most accurate and reliable optics on the market for their customers.

All of this technological innovation eventually positioned Meade and Simmons at the top of the optics industry, and it caught the eye of the Bushnell company. Bushnell then added the optics brands to their portfolio by purchasing the company in 2008. The feature-rich and reliable scopes gave Bushnell a strategic asset to bolster their already dense catalog of optical products.

Today hunters trust the Simmons brand range of riflescopes to offer reliability in their high precision instruments that are unmatched. Hunters know that their riflescopes are built to last, so it’s not just a purchase. It’s an investment. Their riflescopes are not their only product. They also offer an entire line of optical gadgetry. This includes spotting scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders. These products all feature the same rugged durability of their riflescope counterparts while providing the exceptional optical clarity that hunters expect.

In addition to their full line of scopes and hunting utilities, they also strive to provide unmatched customer service. They staff their customer support with people who are just as much outdoor enthusiasts as their customers. This means that they can give you a quick and helpful service because they understand what their customers need and expect. They also offer an extensive lifetime limited warranty with their products to bolster their commitment to customer service. This guarantees that their optical products are free from defects and will last the lifetime of the owner, or they will replace it.

So, if you are a hunter who relies on superior optic technology, look no further than the professional and precision engineering of the Simmons company. Their products offer reliability hunters can trust.

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