Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder Review

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 pro rangefinder is a gadget that has integrated technology to provide accurate dimensions on both flat and sloped surfaces.

The golf rangefinder has excellent features that simplify the task of selecting the club. Indeed golfers can’t hit what they can’t precisely measure, but with this device, you can be confident that you have an accurate distance on the uphill and downhill shots.

Additionally, golfers in all categories can use golf rangefinders, including those with shaky hands. The gadget vibrates when you hit the target, thus a great combination of value and performance.

Further, the golf rangefinder has a manual that directs both beginners and experienced golfers on how to use the gadget when selecting the perfect golf club.

The golf rangefinder is water-resistant; thus, the weather shouldn’t dictate when to engage in an event. It’s dependable due to its precise technology and crystal clear optics.

The device is available online at a relatively reasonable price, and many golfers have placed it at the top of the best golf rangefinders.

The following review will provide you with excellent details about this top-rated golf rangefinder.

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder Features


The unit has a dimension of 4×1.75×3.5” and available in black. Magnification is an essential function, but most rangefinders have X5 or below. The Precision Pro Golf NX7 rangefinder has 6x magnification.

The high magnification helps the rangefinder to give precise, concise, and accurate images. Thus, the golfer can measure the distance accurately, which delivers the desired results.

It was designed to measure distance and slope. Thus, it also has +/-1 yard accuracy and measures in meters and yards.

Water Resistance

Golfers play in all weather conditions; hence, having the right tools when playing helps you to engage in events and tournaments when it’s raining or sunny.

The golf rangefinder is both resistant to moisture and fog; thus, you can continue playing without allowing the weather to dictate whether you should play or not. For that reason, the golfer doesn’t need the clumsy rubber sleeve.

Thus, the pro NX7 rangefinder is an all-weather gadget.

Slope Management

The golf rangefinder has enhanced golf club selection and adjusted yardages. Golfers can hit 2.3 more greens in every round with the golf rangefinder than they do with course markings.

Although slope technology is a crucial function to golfers, measurement tools are illegal during tournaments. However, you can easily switch on and off the golf rangefinder’s slope measurement feature when participating in a competition or event.

That means a golfer can alternate between slope and no-slope functions during the play using a single button.

Advanced Technology

The device’s accuracy and precision enhance your confidence that you will hit the desired target. It also gives you a short vibration that alerts you that it has successfully measured the distance, and the displayed number is accurate.

Additionally, the golf rangefinder is built with precise technology and crystal clear optics. As a result, it can measure the distance of virtually anything. For instance, it can give you the range of the flag, trees, hazards, bunkers, and other golfers as long as they are on your line of sight.

Therefore, the pin seeking technology gives you an excellent target locking, thus more accurate measurement. The jolt technology alerts you when you have captured the target.

It’s Well-Grounded

The rangefinder is designed and manufactured by real golfers. Thus, the maker understands what users’ needs and expectations from such a gadget.

Therefore, this rangefinder is made with precision that helps golfers to swing with confidence, thus hitting more greens and recording less bad shots.

Further, the target acquisition technology enables golfers to range their target and obtain the accurate distance that they need.

The rangefinder is tested and certified, for it meets all the performance and safety requirements. Golfers made the gadget, and it has prioritized their needs in various ways.

The pulse vibration technology gives a positive confirmation that the golfer has ranged the pin. The device locks onto the target, and the pulse gives you an indication that you have the correct distance.

Further, it doesn’t strain the golfer’s fingers like other rangefinders that demands you to press and hold the fire button until you achieve the target.

With the golf rangefinder, you only power it up, align the reticle, press and release the fire button when scanning the target, and then the unit will display the distance.

Therefore, this golf rangefinder was designed with the help of golfers, and it has perfectly met their requirements.



The Precision Pro Golf NX7 rangefinder has excellent features that have pleased many golfers, such as precision and accuracy. The rangefinder is user friendly and delivers its promises.

The device has the latest technology in the market and what is needed by golfers. It applies pin seeking technology that locks the target and pulse vibration technology that alerts you when you hit the target.

The golf rangefinder has X6 magnification that enables you to get a clear image of the features in the line of sight. Further, the manufacturer guarantees you a free lifetime battery supply and two years warranty.

The price is also fair and in line with the premium golf rangefinders; thus, an affordable device.

The precision NX7 pro manufacturers understand golfer’s needs and have delivered both value and performance.

You can check it out now!

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