Nikon Prostaff 4 12×40 Matte BDC Riflescope Review

The Nikon Prostaff 4 12×40 Matte BDC Riflescope is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality AR 10 scope for your gun. The unit is made of durable polymer and aluminum. When selecting a scope it’s important to pick a high-quality one. Nikon’s ProStaff riflescope transmits up to 98% of light and provides waterproof performance. There’s also tons of other features that make this a great option for all hunters and target shooters.


It helps to ensure the scope isn’t overly bulky or heavy. Those are both situations you’ll want to avoid when using a rifle scope. It won’t be a problem with the Nikon Prostaff Scope 4 12×40 since the compact design means it’s easy to install and haul with you with your rifle. On the other hand, other units that are large and weighty are more difficult to use since they make it tougher to use them.

Durable Materials

As when picking other rifle accessories it’s important to elect a scope that offers outstanding durability. That’s definitely the case with the Nikon ProStaff. Nikon 4 12×40 Matte BDC Scope includes materials like polymer and aluminum that result in the unit not needing to be replaced sooner rather than later. This is certainly one of the main features to look for. You’ll certainly want to avoid needing to buy a new scope soon after purchasing your latest one. That’s why solid materials and craftsmanship are so critical when shopping for a new rifle scope. This unit delivers in both areas.

Multi-coated Optical System

It transmits a maximum 98% of light, which helps to provide excellent performance when using the unit. This is definitely one of the top features of the unit and makes it one worth considering when you’re in the market for a new riflescope. It’s critical to have the clearest view possible when shooing your rifle and this optical system helps to achieve that goal. It easily makes this one of the best options when picking a riflescope.

12x Magnification

The Nikon BDC 4 12×40 Scope also features magnification ranging from 4x to 12x. this is critical to provide a wide range of magnification when using the unit. There are times when you’ll just need lower levels and other when you’ll need the maximum 12x magnification to see faraway targets. The wide range of magnification provides more versatility when operating your rifle since you’ll have a full range of low, mid, and high magnification. There are different situations when each is needed so this versatility is one of the main benefits of the unit.

Quick-focus Eyepiece

When using the unit it’s important to get the fastest operation possible. That’s why it’s critical the unit has a quick-focus eyepiece. This helps to speed up the process and make it more functional. When you want to get quick performance this is definitely one of the keys to look for in order to achieve that goal.

Waterproof Performance

Nikon Prostaff 4 12×40 BDC Scope includes an o-ring sealed housing that’s nitrogen filled. This helps to provide waterproof functionality when using the scope, which is critical when operating it on your rifle. When you’re out in the field there’s various factors like rain and snow that can affect the functionality of the scope. In those situations you’ll want to have the best experience possible. You can achieve that goal by picking this unit since it provides waterproof performance. It will help to protect the unit when operating it. This makes it one of the most important features.

Black Matte

This is a great color option since it will help to keep the entire rifle camouflaged during hunting. When picking a scope the color probably won’t be a major issue you’ll consider. However, it’s definitely a plus when it’s a neutral color since it will help you to stay concealed when using the rifle for hunting. In that situation it’s critical for you and your rifle to be as well concealed as possible.

BDC Reticle

What’s a bullet drop compensator (BDC)? This functions by utilizing a reticle pattern that predicts the amount a bullet will drop at a particular range. This is shown in the reticle by various aiming points that are stacked vertically under a central crosshair/dot. So when the rifle get zeroed at arrange like 100 yards other aiming point’s line up to the impact of the bullet at farther rangers.

Spring-loaded Adjustment Knob

This provides 3.7-inches of eye relief. It’s definitely one of the top benefits of the unit. It’s important for the scope’s user to have the best experience possible when operating it. This is one of the main features that helps to guarantee that. When picking a riflescope, it’s critical to consider different factors. This is one of the best features of the unit.



One of the main benefit is Nikon has existed for a century. As a result it has tons of experience with optics and it’s been able to feature that know-how in other products like rifle scopes.

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