Leapers Reviews

Based in Livonia, MI, Leapers, Inc is the designer and manufacturer of many technologically advanced shooting and hunting products. The ‘Made In The USA’ Leapers began in 2009, while the European branch began in 2012. There are plants in China and Taiwan as well.

The birth of Leapers, Inc is truly an American Dream come true for Tina and David Ding, also known as Tai Lai and Dung Ju. The two came to America for Tina to obtain her Masters degree in Chicago. David worked on programming and machining when he worked for Ford Motor Company. The first product, a scope, was designed and made in their first garage business in 1992. That first product which helped the American dream materialize was the 4×28 compact scope.

The early years were spent in the garage designing and building scopes that they could take to trade shows and the like. As time progressed, so did the dream. More and more products began to come to fruition. These would then make it to the trade shows also. In 1992, they began to sell their tactical line along with the solar products. Throughout the years, many more products came to realization, with that total reaching 50 in 2011.

The Leapers product line included the UTG products which were for the paramilitary line of products. The main line of products include: optics, mounting systems, stands and bipods, cases and tactical gear, as well as parts and accessories. Flashlights and lasers are also a popular product. Leaper, Inc also provides products made for law enforcement and security organizations. Some of these are a carry handle mount, AR platform, hand guard and flat top mount. The stands include the picatinny, the swivel stud mount. There are also the barrel clamp, M-lok and keymods. Some of the popular accessories include pressure switches, bulb and irb. Leaper Inc, manufactures tactical gear which include preparedness packs, vests and holsters, along with go-bags and belts. In the Leapers catalogue, you will also find grenade pouches, drop leg pouches and gas mask bags.

All of the hunting and shooting products are manufactured with the highest quality of materials. All scopes are adjustable, products are made with knurling, on the outside to allow for better grip by the user, as well as making the fine tuning easier on said scope. The knurling is applied in a pattern type application to distinguish Leapers products from those of the competitors.

The main mission of Leapers, Inc is to provide their customers with all the solutions they could ever need for the hunting and shooting activities. There is no way to list the most popular items as there is something for virtually everyone in the Leapers, Inc catalogue.

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