CVLife Reviews

CVLife is a company that sells a variety of shooting and tactical gear based out of Guangdong, China. The focus of their products is on optics and bipods, but you will find a number of other products from CVLife. Browsing the internet you won’t find much information on CVLife and their own website only includes a paragraph about the company.

While there may not be much information available about the company, their products are being sold around the internet and even in some retail shops. Looking at CVLife on Amazon you will find that they are very well-rated. Very few of their products have under a 4-star rating and great comments. It is surprising to not know too much about such a well-rated company.

As we mentioned, the main products from CVLife include optics and bipods. Their optics range from red dot sights to scopes with magnification up to 24. Included in the selection of scopes is a collection of variable zoom sights such as 3-9x and 6-24x scopes. Other features include illuminated reticles, scopes with a selection of reticles, and also scopes that have various reticles that you can switch between.

One of their most interesting scopes is their Swiss Army knife-style scope. It features a traditional scope with 4-12x magnification, a holographic dot scope, and red laser all in one. All sides of the scope feature a rail for the laser, red dot, and another accessory to attach to.

When it comes to bipods you will find a bipod for almost any kind of mount type and many with several different options. They also sell mount adaptors for a variety of rifles such as for M-Lok systems.

Some of the other products you can find include flashlights, lasers, and boresighting equipment. All of this will help you to get the most out of your optics, whether it is to see your surroundings, zero your optics in, or to keep your optics stable, everything from CVLife is designed to keep your shot on point. You can also backpacks and other items from them.

Flashlights from CVLife are quite popular. Their unique flashlight is a baseball bat-like design that allows for a comfortable grip on the light. Four different sizes of the light are available from 31 cm in length all the way to 45 cm and it features 800 lumens. A selection of other flashlights from mini to high power are available. A good number of the flashlights are designed to be easily mounted on a rifle so that you can illuminate your shot.

You can get a quality gun sling from CVLife too. Their sling is a two-point sling with high-quality clips and a drop elastic design to allow your rifle to fall to your side if you need to do work with another weapon or tool.

CVLife has a wide variety of products to meet your every shooting need. If you enjoy target practice, competition shooting, hunting, self-defense, or are in law enforcement, there is a sight option for you. Browse through their listed products and you will see the options they have. Don’t forget to look up the product on Google and you will see the exact level of customer satisfaction with the product.

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