ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Rangefinder With Bluetooth Review

ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Rangefinder is a dream come true for people who are actually fond of hunting and been restrained due to lack of good products in the markets. Its versatility and superiority beyond other products of its group are just exquisite and are fully mentioned in this review.

ATN is not a new company in domain of optics. Their latest offering, ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Rangefinder is a small handheld device but do not let the size fool you, this little device packs a lot of strong features in it at $349 price point.

Designed for Hunters and shooters, its ruggedness has been given priority for the ideal user. In addition to the box a nylon case is included in the package in order to prevent it from shock damage during use. As if all these features weren’t enough, it is also a waterproof device. So say goodbye to over safety of the device and the paranoia while using it in the rain.

It is a light-weighted device that can easily fit inside a jacket. It comes with a pre-included leather pouch and wrist strap. Its easy to pair feature makes it a handy device to use.

ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Rangefinder Features

Smart Ballistics Calculator

Starting with its flawless Smart Ballistics Calculator that has the tendency to connect the device to your phone via ATM Smart App. This part does all the calculations in the background and provides you results by displaying them on your smartphone. This calculator is extremely fast and very reliable for use in any kind of physical conditions. It gives you instant turret adjustments on your smartphone/tablet for precise shot.

Long Range

The most usual complain you get about the rangefinders is that they do not work the advertised distance at all however that is not the case with this device.

ATN Smart Rangefinder works like a charm at any given distance in its advertised range i.e. 1500 meters. Unit of measures can also be changed as per the choice. It also contains a fog mode to help locate the targets more precisely in hazy weather using laser.

Flawless Connectivity

One of the most impressive features of this product is the amazing ease of connectivity it offers. It can easily be paired with other ATN Smart Scopes e.g. ATN X-Sight II for relaying distance, instantaneous corrections as well as adjusting Point of Impact. It can also be connected to phone via the apps provided at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. App is easy is to use and offers tons of customization options and profiles for various scope combinations and settings. App also comes with pre-installed basic ballistics profiles i.e. .50 BMG, .223 Remington etc.

Amazing Accuracy

The ballistics computer in this smart rangefinder is extremely accurate. Magnification power of this device is a bit limited at 6X but that does not affect the accuracy of results. If you point out the target reticle on the target, you also can see the cosine angle to target in degrees. Accuracy increase with increase in target size and reflectivity. The more reflective a target is, your results will be more accurate. It also depends upon the steady hand and experience of the person using the device. As given by the manufacturer, it is accurate up to +-1 yd/m. For the review purposes, an accurate shot at distance of 820 yards, 14 degrees inclination and 5500 feet of elevation makes a pretty strong case as far as the accuracy of the device is concerned.

Some of its highlighted benefits include:



This was all from our side. There are various smart rangefinders available in the market at different price points. You may make an informed decision about your purchase but bear in mind that ATN Smart Rangefinder take the crown for the best one in expense bracket. It is lightweight, fast, accurate and reliable, all at the same time. Crafted for shooters and hunters, it has all the features you need to make an accurate shot to take down your target every time. For budget users, this is a highly recommended purchase.

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