ATN Corp Reviews

ATN is an optics company that was founded in 1995 in the state of California to provide high-end optics for a wide variety of purposes such as law enforcement, hunting, outdoors, and more. The company claims to be the leader of smart optics, providing an optics for a wide variety of uses during the day and night. Including the production of thermal sights.

Cutting-edge technology has always been the focus of ATN since it opened and new technology is constantly being integrated into their products. Constant work on developing new technologies to implement into their products is part of the company’s main goals. Another part is to provide the high-end optics you would expect from a top-tier company.

Whether you have the highest quality digital scope from ATN optics or one of their entry-level binoculars, the visuals when looking down the lens of ATN optics are crystal clear. A variety of different lenses and displays are used for the devices from ATN but they take great care to ensure you have the best vision possible.

Since the company started, they have adopted a focus on developing low light, night vision, and thermal optics. This includes scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders. All of the new devices produced by ATN are digital, featuring computers that enable far more features than your normal optics. An onboard computer enables the optics to provide information to the user such as range, charts, varying reticles, and onboard Bluetooth.

One of the notable features provided by ATN on their digital optics is the ability to get readouts about your scope and the environment around it. Windage, direction, distance, and orientation of scope are some of the helpful pieces of information displayed. ATN has made sure to provide information on all of their devices in an easy to read method while keeping the majority of the optic clear so you can see your target.

Many of their optics have the ability to record what you are looking at so you can save your hunt, observations, and anything else that you might want to document. That video is recorded in high quality and some devices even record in 4K.

ATN optics can be found at a variety of storefronts and at shops around the internet. Overall you will find that many sights have great ratings listed from customers as to the quality of ATN sights and other optics. Amazon has many of ATN’s products listed at over 4-stars.

You could sit here and read a description of every one of ATN’s products but with the positive reviews mentioned above and the number of products they make, you would be reading for a while. ATN has been making high-quality optics for quite a while and as such has been able to develop a good number of products, this ensures that there is a model that will work for every application.

It also doesn’t hurt that ATN has a big focus on customer satisfaction. Everything you need to get your optic up and running is included in the box, including batteries. A company-owned repair center and a quality troubleshooting team can help to resolve any problems you might encounter. This is what you need from a company no matter what kind of product you are buying.

The support team helps to ensure you do not need to return a product for a repair that isn’t needed.

If you are looking for great optics for just about any use, you can find it at ATN. This is especially true for those that are looking for low light or night vision equipment, you can reach out and hit targets no matter the lighting or purpose. Browse their many products and see if there is an optic right for you.

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