Aofar Reviews

The internet has completely changed the landscape of consumer products. For the first-time, manufactures have been enabled to provide their products directly to their customers. Aofar has been able to leverage this new advantage and offer a wide range of optical products directly to customers at prices they can afford. Access to this technology used to be expensive due to bloated supply chains. Now, however, all consumers can enjoy superior optical technology.

Aofar is a relative newcomer to the optics industry, having its trademark registered in 2017. Despite being new, what they have been able to accomplish in three years is nothing short of exceptional. The owner of the trademark is China-based Changzhou Jianfu Optoelectronic Instrument Company, and they have caused a real shakeup in the optic industry.

Their product portfolio is not as extensive as some other companies in the market. This is not a slight to the company in any way, though, as the targeted focus on a precise niche of the optical marketspace has provided great success. They employ a highly trained team of experienced researchers and developers to make sure their range finders and compasses are a perfect fit for what their customers expect. They strive to operate as a customer-driven company that can continue to meet the needs of their customers by leveraging the power of modern technological advances.

Aofar’s product line consists of two different types of rangefinders and a superior collection of compasses. In their golf range of optical products, they offer six different options. These rangefinders are packed full of features at prices that other companies can’t even come close too. Examples of these features are long-distance ranges of up to 800 yards, waterproof protection, slope detection flag lock, and a feature that vibrates when the target is locked. This vibration allows the user to have confidence that they have acquired the proper distance on the right object, instead of something in the background.

Aofar also offers a variety of range-finding products targeted at hunters as well. They have six offerings in their hunting product line that are invaluable for the hunting enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if your preferred weapon is a bow or a rifle because Aofar offers rangefinders that can switch easily between archery and shooting mode. With long ranges of up to 1000 yards and compensation for slopes, they provide the hunter with valuable distance information at a price they can afford.

By far, Aofar’s most extensive line of products is compasses. Their superior range of compasses includes eleven different offerings that assist boy scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, and even the military. Some of their compasses even come with a built-in fire starter to allow the multifunction capabilities required by backpackers and hikers. With features such as lensatic sighting, inclinometers, map distance calculators, and rugged durability, their compasses can be relied on in times of need.

In summary, although their product lines are not as fast as some of their competitors, Aofar has positioned itself as a viable option within their industry. If you’re a golfer, hunter, or adventurer who needs affordable products for your craft, look no further than Aofar.

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