Best Long Range Scopes for The Money

If you want to hunt, then you are going to want to do everything possible to ensure that you will hit the animal or target you are aiming for. Long range rifle scopes help hunting get a clearer view of their target so they can make a humane kill rather than wounding the animal forcing them to suffer in pain. Today we will take a look at the best long range scopes for the money to help you be a more successful hunter.

Long Range Scopes

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Understanding Long Range Scopes

Long range scopes are rifle scopes that allow for magnification so you can get a clearer view of your target when you are some distance away. These scopes are used for sighting exactly where you should hit your prey in order to make the kill shot and avoid subjecting the animal to any undue pain.

Various long range scopes come in various sizes and weights and have features that differ in certain areas. The main parts of a long range scope are:

  • The Scope body - Also referred to as the scope tube, this is metal part of the scope that all of the other parts are in or on. The most common scope tube sizes are 30mm and 34mm.
  • Inside the scope body you will find the Objective lens, First focal plane, picture reversal assembly, second focal plane and the ocular assembly.
  • On the outside of the scope you will find the elevation adjustment drum, the windage, and the Parallax, the protection cap, the mounting rail and magnification adjustment ring.
  • The scope itself attaches to the rifle by rings.

The type of long range scope you will look for will be determined in part by what you consider to be long range shooting. The accept distance for long range seems to be anything over 300 yards although some hunters want to be able to hit targets at ranges of 800 or 1000 yards. The longer the distance you intend to shoot the more you are going to need from your rifle scope. However, keep in mind that most hunters tend to stay within the 300 to 500 feet range when hunting.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Long Range Scope

There are a number of things you need to consider when purchasing a long range scope for your rifle. One of the first things you want to consider is the actual range you normally hunt in so you will be able to find a scope that best meets that need. From there you will need to look at each of the individual features of various scopes to find the best long range scopes for the money.

  • Magnification: The amount of magnification that a scope can provide is one of the first features many hunters look at. Most modern scopes offer magnification between 5 times and 25 times. The minimum magnification you will want for any type of long distance hunting is 10X. You can get either fixed or variable magnification for your scope. Variable magnification will allow you hunt animals at various distances.
  • Scope Body: When looking for a good long distance rifle scope you want a scope body that is durable and not likely to be damaged early. Look for a scope that is aircraft grade aluminum since this material is both durable and lightweight.
  • Lenses and Optics: It is extremely important that you get a scope that has high quality lenses with good coatings including fog proof optics.
  • First and Second Focal Plane: You are going to want a scope with both a first and second focal plane. The reticle increases in size when magnification is used.
  • Objective Lens: The larger the objective lens the higher the light transmission. The lighter there is the clearer your vision of the object will be. The standard objective lens size is between 42 and 55mm.
  • Adjustments: Rifle scopes may have a number of adjustments. The three main adjustments that most hunters look for are windage, elevation and parallax. The windage adjusts the horizontal alignment to adjust for the wind. The Elevation adjustment sits on top of the scope body and is a vertical adjustment for the bullet drop.
  • Reticle: There are various types of Reticles and normally come in MOA or MIL. Measured Reticles are best if you want to become good at long range shooting.
  • Warranty: Always look at the warranty for any scope, because a good warranty can save you a lot should something go wrong with your scope. Since good rifle scopes tend to be quite expensive you want to be sure that you can get necessary repairs when needed without paying extra out of pocket.

Now that you know a little about what to look for when choosing a long range rifle scopes Here is a look at the best long range scopes for the money to give you some idea where to begin your search for that ideal long range rifle scope.

Best Long Range Scope Recommendations

Vortex Optics Viper PA Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

The Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X 50mm PA SFP Riflescope is an excellent long range rifle scope that sells for much less than you might expect. This scope has a magnification between 6.5X and 20X with an objective lens diameter of 50mm. This scope offers the hunter a 17.4 feet wide field of view at the lowest magnification and 6.2 feet at the highest magnification.

The magnification adjustment is designed to allow you to make smooth rapid changes to the magnification when needed.

This scope also contains low dispersion glass that results in high resolutions and the vortex’s proprietary coatings allow for 95% light transmission. This scope is equipped with MIL-dot reticle and an eye relief of 3.1 inches.


  • Scope provides clear images with no hazing
  • The lenses appear to be high quality
  • Good for long distances with some users using this scope to make shots up to 1000 yards
  • Comes with a great warranty and good customer service


  • While some users of this scope stated that the scope will not stay zeroed, however other users felt it held zero well, so this problem may be due to users error
  • Other users find that the optics on this scope are not quite as clear as they find on scopes that cost twice as much as this one does

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Another of the best long range scopes for the money is the Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Rifle Scope. This scope is just one of the several configurations in the Viper HS-T line. This long range scope has a VMR-1 (MOA) for accurate holds at extended range. It has fully coated extra low dispersion lenses. XR coatings provide light gathering capabilities and Armortek coating protects the lenses.

This scope also has a CRS stop and 4X zoom for more magnification versatility. There I also a fast focus eyepiece. This scope is both waterproof and fog proof.

The exposed target turrets are special constructed for precise finger adjustment clicks. The one piece scope tube is O ring sealed.


  • Parallax improves the focal plane focus
  • It holds zero well
  • This scope offers great clarity up to 20X
  • Vortex offers a lifetime warranty for this scope
  • Users find this scope to be quite affordable


  • Some users have difficulty lining up the reticle
  • Users also don't tend to like the second focal preferring using a front focal
  • This scope does not come with a lens cap

Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20x50 Riflescope

The Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5X-20X 30mm Rifle Scope with BAC Triangle Post is a med priced long distance scope for hunting or target shooting. This scope features multi-coated lenses for better light clarity and gathering capabilities, battery free illumination that automatically adjusts the brightness level as needed. Phosphor Lamp illuminates the reticle in low or no light.

The housing for this scope is made from aircraft grade aluminum for making the housing durable and scope lighter weight.

It uses a second foal plane reticle which means the size remains constant as magnification increases. The illuminated reticle doesn’t project illumination from objective lens.


  • This scope has excellent clarity of the glass even with full magnification.
  • Many users find that the great fiber optics makes it simpler to shoot in fading light.
  • Little to no distortion when shooting long range.
  • Users also find that they quickly focus with this scope.
  • This scope is exceptionally rugged making ideal for a variety of hunting situations.
  • Users find that the tracking is consistent with this scope.
  • Parallax adjustment is convenient.


  • This scope does not come with any covers, which is a disappointment considering the price.
  • At least one users found that the seals failed and the scope took water and was ruined.

SWFA SS 10x42 Tactical Riflescope

The SWFA SS 10X42 Tactical Riflescope Mil-Quad Reticle 1/10 Mil Adjustments Rear Focus SS 10 X42 MQ is a lower priced long range rifle scope that is loaded with useful features. This scope has a black matte finish, a 30mm tube, and side parallax adjustment.

Made from strong, but lightweight aluminum. The scope has exposed finger adjustable turrets with 15 MOA per revolution and multi coated optics for Maximum light transition. The objective lens is 42mm with a fixed power of 10X. Fixed power helps to keep this scope affordable. This rifle scope also has a large eye box with a 4” eye relief.


  • The built in sun shade is extremely handy
  • This scope is extremely rugged and provides excellent clarity
  • Users really like this scope stating that it provides perfect tracking
  • The turrets are easy to adjust
  • The scope is consistent in its function
  • Users feel that you get a lot for the price of this scope and some users state that it performs other scopes that are twice or three times the price.


  • Users had absolutely no complaints about this scope and in fact noted that this scope is used by the US Navy.

Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm Riflescope

The Leupold VX-6HD 4X-24X 52mm Rifle scope is a top of the line riflescope that sells for over $2000. This scope is 100% waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof. Loaded with useful features this long range scope has a zero lock custom dial system, which makes longer shots simpler by eliminating the need for holdovers by using a dial customized to your specific rifle and ammo.

It also has a twilight Max HD light management system (which adds 30 minutes of shooting light) This scope offers excellent glare reduction and edge to edge HD lens clarity.

There is also an illuminated reticle and guard-Ion hydrophobic lens coating that is durable, scratch resistant, and able to shed water, dirt and even fingerprints. It also comes with high quality Alumina flip back lens covers.


  • This Scope has a great leveling feature.
  • Crystal clear glass for clearer vision.
  • The impact reticle is great for long range hunting.
  • This scope makes it extremely easy to line up the targets.
  • Like the 24X magnification.
  • Users really like the locking windage and elevation knobs.


  • Currently the only real complaint users have regarding this scope is that it is priced high making it impossible for some hunters to be able to afford this high quality scope.

Nikon Black FX1000

The Nikon Black FX 1000 is one of the best long-range scopes for the money and sells for a very reasonable and low price. The glass etched ranging reticle located in the first focal plane can be used to estimate range, target size, elevation holdover and windrift at specific magnifications. This scope has a 30mm main tube, return to zero stop, high speed turrets and side focus parallax adjustment.

This scope also has a quick focus eyepiece with constant eye relief. It is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof. You get 25MOA adjustments per revolution and comes with a sunshade and scope caps.


  • Almost all of the users of this scope find that the adjustments are spot on.
  • Easy to set up and easy to adjust.
  • The glass in the Nikon Black to be clean and clear.
  • This scope provides good illumination when it is needed.
  • The return to zero stop works perfectly.


  • A few users don't find the glass as clear as they would like, however this could be due to the fact that they may not know how to properly adjust a scope.
  • A few other users had some difficulty with the zero stop

Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24mm SFP Rifle Scope

Another impressive scope that is the lower price range for long range rifle scopes is the Primary Arms SLX 1-8X 24mm Rifle Scope. The company that makes this scope does everything possible to bring you a high quality scope at a reasonable price and seems to have succeeded since this scope is loaded with handy features. These features include: Horseshoe with Cheveron center aiming point ACSS reticle that is BDC compatible. It has a second focal plane design that keeps the reticle the same size through all the level of magnifications. The levels of magnification are 1X-8X.

There is a partially illuminated reticle that is powered by a CR2032 battery and has 12 brightness settings. The body is made of 6063 aluminum which makes it both sturdy and lightweight. In addition, this scope comes with multi-coated lenses that are fog resistant and IP67 waterproof. Best of all it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Users find this a nicely made scope especially for the price.
  • Several reviews mentioned how bright and clear they can see their images
  • Users also really find the illumination helpful
  • All of the hold points are user friendly
  • Good Reticle
  • Users find the price for this scope very affordable
  • They also like the fact that this scope comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Some users have difficulty keeping this scope sighted
  • Other don't like the low magnification

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope

The Primary Arms SLX 4-14X 44mm FFP Riflescope Mil-Dot is a lower priced scope that still has the right features to make it on the list for one of the best long range scopes for the money. This scope features a traditional Mil-Dot reticle that can be used to accurately range and holdover. The FFP reticle stays true at all magnifications and It has an 44mm objective lens. This scope also has a side adjustable parallax and a fast focus eye piece.

The 1/10 MIL windage and elevation adjustments are both tactile and audio. In addition this scope is shockproof, waterproof and fog resistant making it an ideal scope for a variety of hunting conditions.


  • The adjustments for this scope are accurate and repeatable
  • The glass is good allowing for clear viewing
  • You get a lot of nice features for the money
  • The zoom on this scope is smooth
  • This is very budget friendly riflescope
  • Some users find the eye relief to be quite forgiving
  • You get good support from the company


  • Some users find the turrets to be mushy
  • The eye relief is too narrow for some users to be comfortable
  • Some users don't like the tracking

Sightron SIII 8-32X56 Long Range MOA Reticle Side Focus Riflescope

The Sigton SIII 8-32X 56 Long Range MOA Reticle Side focus Riflescope is an upper mid-priced scope that has earned its way onto the list for the best long range scope for the money. While this scope may not be affordable to everyone, it’s feature and superior function make it a scope worth saving for.

The Sighton has 30 mm tube diameter made from high quality aircraft aluminum, which makes this scope both lightweight and rugged. The scope itself is 15.35 inches long and has a 56m objective lens. It has a mil-dot reticle and fast focus eyebell with fully coated lenses. It also comes with a sunshade and scope caps to protect the glass when the scope is not in use.


  • Users like the fact that when adjusting the turrets they hear a solid click
  • The glass in this scope is excellent allowing for a lot of clarity
  • Several reviews stated that the Elevation and windage adjustments are dead on
  • The overall material and build of this scope is high quality
  • This scope tracks well
  • Most users state that this scope is good for long range with several users stating they can hit targets at 800 to 1000 yards.


  • The one complaint regarding this scope seems to minor and that is what the caps for this scope are cheap.

Bushnell Tactical Elite XRS 4.5-30X 50mm G2DMR Reticle Riflescope

The Bushnell Tactical Elite XRS 4.5-30X 50mm G2DMR Reticle Riflescope sells for well under $1000 dollars and has lots of interesting features. It has a 50mm objective lens and has magnification adjustments from 4.5X to 30X. The G2DMR for this scope feature a mil-hash marked first focal plane and has an ultra wide band coating. There are also multi-coated optics for light transmission and image clarity.

The Rain Guard HD offers anti-fog technology and helps to keep the lens clear. This scope also has Z-Lok locking elevation turret with zero stop and T-Lock locking windage turret with Left and Right markings. This scope has a 34mm body and a black matte finish. It also comes with a limited warranty.


  • Most, not all of the users found the optics on this scope to be actually quite clear
  • The materials and overall design and build of this scope find users stating that the quality of this scope especially for the price is good
  • Several users stated that this riflescope is great for long distance targeting
  • Users also find this scope to be rugged and hold zero well


  • Some users feel that this scope doesn't have the best clarity
  • And several users feel that illumination would make this scope more useful


Regardless of your budget it is possible for you to find the right long range scope for the money you have to spend. It just takes a little time and consideration and one of these scopes featured in this review may be right for you.

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