Best Scope For AR 10 And Our Recommendations 2020

Here we are going to give you recommendations for best scope for AR 10 available in the market so you can make an informed decision – a decision which would be integral for your hunting satisfaction for years to come.

The AR-10 is a powerful battle rifle that is quite popular with enthusiasts and specialists alike. It is easier to control and is lighter than the others in its class. It has been considered as an innovative weapon with its straight-line barrel/stock configuration design which also incorporated forged alloy parts with composite materials which was pretty much unheard of during its time.

For those of you still searching your memory banks for the right term, the AR10 is the precursor to the more popular M16 rifle. It is the big brother of that particular weapon so to speak with only about 9900 assembled rifles in existence since it was manufactured.

Customizing the AR10 with a scope is bound to make it more effective since it would help to ensure its precision targeting over a distance. While it can still be an automatic weapon, any specialist would argue and agree that it can also serve as a powerful weapon that can knock you over a distance. Using a good quality scope would certainly do the trick.


Image by U.S. Navy | CC0 1.0

What to Consider when Buying a Scope for AR-10


The right level of magnification when shooting is subjective; a matter of opinion. Even so, a scope that has telescoping sighting from 100 to 100m should prove enough for most uses of an AR-10 rifle. In general though you will need more magnification for a longer shooting range.

When choosing the right scope magnification for your rifle, it’s important to avoid confusing fixed and variable power. A fixed scope typically has a single number and an “x”. This is the degree of magnification when looking through the ocular lens. Variable power scopes offer a magnification range. A 3-9x scope would allow you to adjust the range of magnification between three and nine times, for example. A variable power scope offers more flexibility than a fixed-power one.

Objective Lens Diameter

An objective lens sends light to the ocular lens to focus on images. The length of an objective lens is generally represented in “mm” after magnification specifications. A 3x9x40mm scope for example would be a variable scope with a 40mm diameter objective lens.

The larger the objective lens, the more ambient light it captures. This gives you a clearer and brighter image. This difference is particularly noticeable at greater magnifications, but there are some drawbacks to it. A larger lens adds some extra weight to your rifle and can affect its balance. A cheek riser can help compensate for this though.

Special Coatings

High quality scopes are made with high quality glass. A special coating will usually be applied on the surface of certain rifle scope lenses to reduce glare and how much light is last when transmitting the image to your eye. Some scopes have more than one lens coating. Special coatings are typically described with the terms “coated”, “fully coated”, “multi-coated”, “fully multi-coated”. Keep in mind that the more special coatings scope has, the more expensive – and high-quality – it will be.

Reticle Type

After determining the amount of modification you need, the objective lens size and special coatings, it’s time to decide on a reticle pattern. The reticle on the scope – also known as the crosshair – is a series of dots, lines, or other patterns set into the eyepiece that help you aim your target. There are practically dozens of reticle patterns out there from different scope manufacturers. If you’re planning on using your AR 10 in lowlight situations, then pick up an illuminated reticle.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

Windage and elevation adjustments on rifle scopes are generally calibrated in MOA (minute of angle) or in MRAD (milradian). These are both representations of a section of an angle that may be converted into linear inches. After understanding how MOA and MRAD work, you can use the adjustment as a way to measure the target zone of your target. MOA adjustments provide more accuracy when zeroing in compared to milradian scopes because the increments with minute of angle are much smaller.

Now you know what to look for when looking for best scopes for AR 10 , the last thing you want to consider is – of course – budget. Riflescopes are a prime example of getting what you pay for. Just about every high priced riflescope will give you everything that you want, but you can still find a great budget riflescope based on our recommendation. Here’s our pick to AR-10 scopes and make a great purchasing decision.

Top 13 Best Scopes For AR 10

Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope w/ BDC 800 Reticle,Black

Avid hunters and shooters would do well to put their trust in the Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm riflescope with a BDC 800 reticle as it would certainly deliver the promised performance that would surely help these marksmen to bag bigger and better game trophies for their collection. These hunters, whether they be recreational or serious in their inclinations, know that their prowess would be improved by the quality of their rifles and the accessories that they attach to their guns.

Boasting of a quick-focus eyepiece that makes it easier for hunters to acquire their intended targets at any range, it would surely improve their prowess in bringing down their prey. The scope is fog-proof, water-proof and shock-proof so shooters would not worry about the elements bothering them from making the perfect shot. The Nikon M-308 scope would offer a true and unimpeded shot that would definitely make your hunting excursion a success every time out!.

This Nikon AR 10 scope is also oversized which makes it a great addition for all kinds of rifles in your arsenal. All you have to do is to choose your preferred weapon for the trip and slap this scope down and it would deliver the best possible performance, every time, all the time! The riflescope body is also colored black which makes it easier to conceal and would not easily reflect light which could otherwise alert the target from afar.

Nikon M-308 offers several magnification options which makes adjusting and making shots easier. The rifle’s multi-coated optical system makes target acquisition and overall use easier. The riflescope offers a bright scope view that makes targeting relatively easy for all kinds of hunters in all kinds of situations.

The eye-relief is satisfactory enough that hunters would not have much eyestrain even after prolonged use. Turret adjustments assist hunters in making precise calculations and the BDC 800 reticle also makes it easier for hunters to adjust their firing stance and position to get the best shots.



Primary Arms 4-14 X 44 FFP Scope ACSS HUD .308 BDC Reticle PA4-14XFFP308

Should you be in the market for a relatively affordable riflescope that boasts of a bevy of features then the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Scope would be a great choice as it certainly is a keeper based on the performance it brings to the table! It really brings you the most bang for your buck! Hunters of all inclinations would do well to find out if their rifles would be able to handle the loaded scope as it does make shooting relatively easier!.

Specifically designed for hunters using the .308 hunting rifle platform, the scope offers a lot of outstanding features – and we do mean a lot! Primary Arms delivers on the Front Focal Plane feature as it helps to make it stay true through all the paces of the multiple magnification lens. Adjustable lenses offer instant magnification from 4x to 14x – quite a range that bodes well for novices and expert marksmen alike. The versatility of the lenses makes it a great addition for your bevy of available accessories. You cannot go wrong with this scope!.

It also boasts of an HUD/DMR feature which makes it easier for the hunter to make quick ranging and sighting from a variety of distances. The scope makes it easier to make minute and precise adjustments without the hunter referring to the instructions manual or even a field data book! You just have to adjust the sight using the accessible adjustable knob mounted on the sides and you have a clear and picture perfect target at your fingertips, all the time!.

Moreover, this AR 10 .308 scope is battle-ready and is not going to conk out even after a lot of jostling and exposure to the elements. The scope is waterproof so you can bring it on any hunting excursion on any conceivable condition and you would still get the best performance out of it! It is also fog-proof so you need not worry about any irritating spots that may impede your vision. And best of all, it is shock-proof, so even if you drop it at a height it would still retain its performance. You cannot define a tough riflescope with mentioning this product!.

Additionally, the scope offers an illuminated center reticle that helps you to center your shot every time. Several practice rounds to familiarize yourself with its features and you’ll have complete mastery of this cope and you’ll be ready to bag that 12-point deer or that grizzly bear that you’ve been aiming to add to your collection!



Burris 200317 Fullfield E1 2-7 x 35 Scope (Black)

Since hunters do not really want to venture into too much guesswork when occupied with sighting their intended targets, it would be best if they can find a riflescope such as the Burris Fullfield 2-7×35 scope which eliminates such considerations from the equation. All hunters have to do is to aim their rifle and shoot the lights out and they would have their trophy and the story that goes with it to share with his buddies for a long time!.

Equipped with a high-grade optical glass lens that ensures excellent brightness that makes target acquisition a snap, hunters would have a great time using this in the range or in the field. The optical lenses are also precision-ground and larger than comparable scopes in the market, so hunters would have a definite advantage going for them as it transmits light better, making for improved sighting and shooting. Additionally, the scope has a Hi-Lume multi-coating which makes the scope perform well even in low-light conditions, making it truly a remarkable scope to have!.

Relatively affordable on the pocket, the Burris Fullfield riflescope also features a durable, integrated eyepiece design that not only helps to relieve eyestrain and sustains performance but it also does have a no-slip grip so that you can be sure with your adjustments in the field. As serious hunters can attest, performance depends on the durability and the surety that your rifle and your scope affords you.

The riflescope is equipped with a Ballistic Plex E1 reticle which eliminates the guesswork involving trajectory determination as well as wind factor compensation – it’s got a series of cascading dots located on both sides of the reticle which represents 10mph crosswinds to help the hunter in bagging his prey. What’s more, the Burris Fullfield scope gives hunters the advantage of upgraded windage and elevation adjustment knobs that is readily accessible and precise so they can make the necessary corrections on impulse.



UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

One of the very best rifle scopes in the market today is the UTG 3-9×32 1-inch BugBuster Scope. It can be used for both airsoft/ airguns as well as in your long-range firearms. It boasts of maximum all-weather reliability so you would not need to worry about fog and rain ruining your shot. You would not also worry if it would decline in performance should it fall on the floor – it’s quite shock-proof – which is quite a bonus because as we know, hunters are quite reliant on their equipment for their success.

The Leapers UTG 3-9×32 also has dual illumination features – red and green light – which helps to make it a better scope than the others in the market. It makes for a good scope to shoot in various weather and location conditions, which is an advantage for any serious hunter. And you would not have to worry about any dead give-away reflections from the scope’s body as it does have a non-reflective body to help you camouflage and hide in plain sight.

The UTG 3-9×32 CQB Bug Buster Scope also has a good eye relief feature so you wouldn’t be too stressed when you are peering through its lens for a long time. As we all know, eyestrain is quite a detriment to effective shooting. It is also easy to use right out of the box and has additional features such as a two-inch sunshade, flip-open lens caps and detachable rings which are quite easy to remove. The designers really took your comfort to heart when they designed this scope for AR 10.

Technically speaking, the UTG 3-9×32 AO Mil-Dot Bug Buster Scope is also one of the most refined in its class. It has well-constructed and well-designed aiming turrets which provide the shooter with consistently precise winding action as well as elevation adjustments. Your zeroing capability will also be improved due to its locking and re-setting features which complements and protects the optics for better performance. The reticle is also quite advanced as it helps shooters increase their productivity as it provides for distance estimation – a feature that Leapers UTG has helped to develop over the years.

Shooters would also be assisted in their task with the exceptional parallax feature which is effective from as close as three yards to whatever distance you could imagine with the scope’s adjustable wide angle front objectives.



American Technologies Network DGWSXS314Z X sight 3-14 Riflescope

If you are looking for a veritable do-it-all riflescope that wouldn’t break the bank and would give you the best bang for your buck for the stated price, then look no further than the American Technologies Network XSight 3-14 Riflescope! It does what is expected of a riflescope – sighting your intended prey on any weather condition – and also adds a feature that you wouldn’t really be expecting for such a durable component of your firearm – it can record each and every shot you make – documenting your success for posterity and for better storytelling!.

Since hunters want to eliminate all kinds of guesswork to ensure that they succeed every time out, the XSight Riflescope will do it for them – all it takes is for the hunter to enter the prevailing environmental conditions and it will calculate the ballistic requirement, one less factor to consider. It also eliminates the need for additional handheld rangefinders on the field as it does have a built-in rangefinder which makes calculations and adjustments a relative snap.

If you are looking for a veritable do-it-all riflescope that wouldn’t break the bank and would give you the best bang for your buck for the stated price, then look no further than the American Technologies Network XSight 3-14 Riflescope! It does what is expected of a riflescope – sighting your intended prey on any weather condition – and also adds a feature that you wouldn’t really be expecting for such a durable component of your firearm – it can record each and every shot you make – documenting your success for posterity and for better storytelling!.

Since hunters want to eliminate all kinds of guesswork to ensure that they succeed every time out, the XSight Riflescope will do it for them – all it takes is for the hunter to enter the prevailing environmental conditions and it will calculate the ballistic requirement, one less factor to consider. It also eliminates the need for additional handheld rangefinders on the field as it does have a built-in rangefinder which makes calculations and adjustments a relative snap.



Trijicon ACOG 4x32 Riflescopes

For hunters seeking to get the maximum kick out of their hunting escapade with a proven military-proven and combat-ready riflescope, look no further than the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 model available in the market. Proven effective, proven reliable and dependable, the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 model enhances your experience from the moment your attach it to the moment you squeeze the trigger to bag that desired trophy!.

You have no worries with the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 model not meeting your expectations – it is rugged, it is dependable, it is reliable on any weather conditions conceivable. Made out of forged 70705-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy material, you know that even the clumsiest butterfingered hunter would have a blast handling it. Virtually indestructible body design and enhanced sighting system backed up by Iron Sights for better sighting.

You can use this on any light conditions – on any weather conditions – on any elevation and it would measure up to its paces. Multi-coated lenses provide superb quality, allowing maximum light to be absorbed, giving you the best and the clearest sight for your target shooting and hunting escapades! Zero distortion of the sighting leaves no room for error, no chance for any miscalculation – just squeeze the trigger and bag that target from way downtown!.

Experience less eyestrain, as the Trijicon 4×32 is designed so that you can shoot with both eyes wide open. No need to squint through the scope, do it naturally and experience the difference that it gives you. Utilizing the Bindon Aiming Concept, you would surely be able to use it as a CQB sight – enhancing your overall hunting experience in the process!.

No other good scope for AR 10 in the market has been as battle-tested and as combat-proven as the Trijicon 4×32 – the different military branches regularly bring these babies to the battlefront to astounding results. The built-in center Amber Crosshair ranging reticle allows you to factor in bullet drops into your shot – even to a relatively long range of 800 meters! Now, that is something that you can really use as an advantage! No more need to bring out those field guide books for computing the needed data to compensate for these factors – you just have to have the effort to apply enough pressure to squeeze the trigger and let the magic begin once again!.



Nikon P-308 4-12x40 Riflescope, Matte, BDC 800

Hunters who would like to get maximum performance out of their rifles would have a good investment on their hands should they procure a Nikon P-308 4-12×40 riflescope to place on their favorite rifle. Not only does the riflescope get the backing of one of the best companies in the world in making optics, but it does have additional features which make it one of the best riflescopes to have.

The P-308 has multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds that provides the hunter with bright, striking and vivid images that help him to make the shot easily. The optics also provide optimum light transmission from dawn to dusk and in whatever hunting conditions you may have in mind. The anti-reflective nature of the optics also prevents glare and reflection which would otherwise alert your prey of your intent. You would be camouflaged and have the best shot lined up for that big-game you have been hunting!.

Nikon also made readjusting easy! Using a spring-loaded adjustment knob, you can simply sight-in as per your usual routine, lift the knob with your free hand and rotate it to your zero to help you refocus and then just re-engage your target! You do not have to worry about missing a beat as the adjustments are now as simple as dialing your turret!

You would not worry as well about eye strain or having your optics getting fogged up. The P-308 riflescope is nitrogen purged and is virtually shockproof, fog-proof as well as waterproof making it one of the desirable riflescopes out in the market today! There is a good eye relief so you wouldn’t need to worry about getting your eyes near gouged out with the recoil of your rifle. You are perfectly safe and would have a great performance with the Nikon P-308!.



Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1 Front Focal TMR

If you have the cash to burn to get yourself a high-quality riflescope that would surely go through its paces and not let you or your expectations down, then go for the top-of-the-line Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 8.5-25x50mm M1 Front Focal TMR model and you can raise hell in the range or in the field any time of the day, anywhere in the world!.

Variable magnification range that goes through 8.5-25x on a 50mm objective lens provides you with the crispest and sharpest images this side of the planet. No more worries about distorted and unclear images that would hinder your accuracy – at 200 yards, the bullet holes are as clear as day! Longer distances suffer no observable lags in the sighting performance, which is as well as you can expect for a riflescope of this caliber. The image resolution is simply off the charts!.

If you have the cash to burn to get yourself a high-quality riflescope that would surely go through its paces and not let you or your expectations down, then go for the top-of-the-line Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 8.5-25x50mm M1 Front Focal TMR model and you can raise hell in the range or in the field any time of the day, anywhere in the world!.

Variable magnification range that goes through 8.5-25x on a 50mm objective lens provides you with the crispest and sharpest images this side of the planet. No more worries about distorted and unclear images that would hinder your accuracy – at 200 yards, the bullet holes are as clear as day! Longer distances suffer no observable lags in the sighting performance, which is as well as you can expect for a riflescope of this caliber. The image resolution is simply off the charts!.



Bushnell Trophy Riflescope (3-9X40, Matte)

For hunters and hunting enthusiasts who are looking for a dependable and reliable riflescope that is lightweight but with a heavy duty guarantee on the performance, then they should look no further than the Bushnell trophy riflescope.

You would surely get the best value for your money as the highly affordable riflescope offers quality optics with a 91 percent light transmission capability that is at the top of its class! Suffer no more from distorted sightings which lead to mis-firings as the Bushnell trophy riflescope gives you the crispest and the sharpest images this side of the planet!.

Boasting of a wide 40 mm objective lens and a variable magnification range (from 3-9x) all in a virtually indestructible 1-piece tube, you would get the best images from near or far so you can make the shot no matter the elevation, no matter the terrain. You wouldn’t worry about moisture creeping up on your sights as the Butler Creek flip-up caps provide enough protection to keep your scope relatively easily to focus.

Measuring at 11.9 inches and weighing just 13.8 ounces, the Bushnell is relatively lightweight, making it as portable and as reliable a rifle accessory as possible. You need not worry about the added weight – it is pretty much undetectable after a few practice rounds!.

The fully coated optics are also moisture-resistant and can be used in all kinds of light conditions. You wouldn’t need to worry about the sightings you make between light and dark conditions – the scope compensates by absorbing and transmitting as much light to your lenses as possible, giving you the best possible images to nail you that long-awaited for trophy! Furthermore, this Bushnell AR 10 scope is equipped with a dry-nitrogen-filled housing which makes it virtually indestructible.

Tote it anywhere in the world on any kind of condition and you would not regret this addition to your favorite rifle – it is moisture-proof, water-proof, fog-proof and shock-proof, making it your most dependable hunting companion!.

Equipped with a Dead On Accurate (DOA) 600 reticle that extends your effective sighting range dramatically, you would not waver to strike a shot any time of the day, anywhere in the world!.

And since it is made by Bushnell, you can have the guarantee that each piece of equipment goes through rigorous and extensive testing and vetting, giving you peace of mind from the moment you open the package up to the time when you decide to let it go – the name is the guarantee!.



UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings

This AR 10 scope is built on the patented True Strength Platform which makes it reliable for all types of conditions and weather, something that every avid hunter knows is pretty important. UTG Leapers SWAT 3 12×44 Compact Scope is sealed and nitrogen filled which makes it pretty accurate and is resistant to such problems as fogging in the middle of a hunting endeavor.

UTG 3 12×44 Mil-Dot Compact Scope also has multi emerald coated lenses which increase your ability to focus in long-range situations. It also has a tactical range distance estimating feature which is capped by a mil-dot with full 36-color EZ Tap reticle which conceivably helps to increase the hunter’s performance in all types of conditions. The scope boasts of UTG’s patented Illumination Enhancement (IE) Technology which helps even the most color-blind of avid hunters to get a good shot in any kind of weather, under any condition, guaranteed! The nondescript, low profile control buttons help the shooter to manage his illumination.

The scope’s special circuit design and the housing itself helps you to regain control and provide uninterrupted illumination even after a heavy recoil. The UTG 3 12×44 Compact IE Scope also has zero locking and zero resetting targeting turrets which helps to provide the shooter with accurate and precise adjustments that help to improve the performance of the firearm. The scope has minute to considerably large adjustments which makes it versatile enough even for the most experienced hunters.

Additionally, the UTG 3 12×44 Compact Swat Scope has the Tactical Range Estimating (TRE) mil-dot feature which would help the shooters improve their long-range shooting prowess with enough practice and exposure. The scope has 19 aiming points, a total of 21 if you include the duplex crosshairs, which increase your chances to nail the prey that you have been tracking for quite some time. Your performance as a hunter would surely improve because of this feature. The more points you can use to track, the better your shot would be. The parallax feature is quite effective from 10 yards onwards which also helps you to focus and target much better.



Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 Riflescope

For the discerning and avid huntsman, the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 riflescope is one of the most intriguing scopes for AR 10 in the immediate market. Boasting of a multicoated lens system that can be adjusted from anywhere between 3x to 9x magnification with a huge 40mm objective lens, the scope provides a good foundation for the desired performance. The optical system is able to transmit up to 98 percent of the ambient available light which makes it easier for the hunter to aim, track and locate his targets even from far away. The scope does this and more!

Weight is not really going to be a problem as it is made up of an aluminum body which is quite lightweight but in itself is very durable and consistent in various conditions. Easily mounted on your long-range rifle, on a rimfire or even on a shotgun, you would be able to account for your improved performance with the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 riflescope.

A great feature present in the riflescope is the nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed housing which does not allow for fog build up to mess with the performance for the shooter. Shooters would not be disturbed by such occurrences in the middle of their shot and that would sure be a welcome addition for all levels of shooting competence. Additionally, the 3.6 inches of eye relief would help the shooter maintain his focus as eyestrain would not be a huge problem for him. His eyes would be comfortable moving from one perspective to the other and it would surely help in his performance.

The scope’s BDC reticles also is a great feature – allowing for hunters to have dead-on views at long distances and ranges that have been previously deemed quite impossible. The unconventional see-through circles in the reticles help the shooters to estimate their shot even in long-range situations and also helps to make short-distance ranges easily makeable.

Another great addition to the scope are the positive-click reticle adjustments which enable the shooter to adjust his shot quickly. He gets to zero in on his target faster and it also helps to maintain the setting even after a heavy recoil. Additionally, the parallax setting provides for an effective 100 yards and beyond which no doubt increases the performance of the riflescope for long ranges.



Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Dead-Hold BDC Reticle - 1 Inch Tube (DBK-04-BDC)

For the discriminating hunter out there, who puts premium on weight and performance, then you would have a good time using the Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 scope because it not only boast of an aircraft grade aluminum body that makes it lightweight but durable, it also has other features which would make it one of the most sought after AR 10 riflescopes in the market today!

The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction of the body makes the Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope a tough cookie – you can do your best to destroy it and abuse it but it would still perform to your satisfaction. The construction of the riflescope is so tough it can withstand maximum magnum recoil from even the most powerful rifles in your arsenal.

Furthermore, this Vortex scope for AR 10 also has the patented dead-hold BDC reticle which integrates a dot design that makes you eliminate guesswork on holdover as well as windage – making it a great accessory to have if you are going to shoot at your prey from different distances. You need not make too many adjustments because the scope would provide you with the necessary data to make your aim true – you only have to be able to pull the trigger to make the shot! Isn’t it amazing?

The Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 BDC riflescope is also a good scope to have whatever the condition you are shooting in. You need not worry about it fogging up or getting water droplets at the most critical times during your stakeout – it has argon purging features which help you to focus and make your shot true. The advanced multi-coated optics also provide you with crystal-clear images that would help you to line up your shot perfectly. The riflescope is also ideal for big game animals to add to your collection at home. It even works against the small varmints which can be a problem in ranches and farms. The Diamondback is applicable for use for long-range or even short-range rifles as well as muzzleloaders, shotguns and even some handheld guns which have been modified to carry the scope.



Millett 4-16x50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope (30mm Tube, .1 mil Click), Matte

Rifle enthusiasts – whether they are weekend warriors or experienced combat veterans – would get the best bang for their buck with the Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope as it packs a wallop in terms of performance and is bursting with features.

Built with quality optics ensuring stunning high definition clarity to help you acquire the best shot possible, it also offers variable magnification from 4x to 16x on a 50mm objective lens – versatile enough and wide enough to give you the best possible shots on any elevation on any weather conditions you can imagine. Multicoated lenses give you the crispest images allowing the most amount of light to penetrate, giving you the best possible chance to bag your trophy.

Boasting of an illuminated reticle with adjustable green lighting, the Millet Tactical Riflescope also has a mil-dot bar reticle with a thin line which assists you to zero your rifle and adjust your shots on the fly – every time, all the time! Built-in reticule is excellent in all lighting conditions giving you a better and greater chance to get pinpoint accuracy – no matter the prevailing shooting conditions.

Durable and made with quality materials which have been extensively tested, the normal wear and tear would not affect the performance of the riflescope even with the most inexperienced shooter handling it. Finished in matte black, thereby resisting reflections, the riflescope gives you every extra advantage you can think of.

Easily adjustable, with 0.1 millimeter click adjustments on its turrets, shooters would have no trouble adjusting and zeroing their rifles to get the most out of their weapon. Adjustment knobs are accessible and would not impede your stance. Excellent eye-relief is also present with enough space between your riflescope and your eyes, reducing the probability of eye-strain as you go into your hunt.

And with the riflescope weighing only a measly 1.1 pounds, it is virtually nonexistent when attached to your rifle. You wouldn’t even notice it is there! Quite an addition, don’t you think?

The riflescope is recommended for hunters who wish to increase their accuracy and their chances of bagging and tagging their prey from any elevation and distance. Mid-level equipment that delivers maximum results for a price that wouldn’t really strain your budget.



Our AR 10 Scope Recommendations

Best Scope for AR 10 .308

Reliable performance, accuracy and precision at its best, running the paces with the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Scope is a relative walk in the park with the best possible results that can be guaranteed! Whether you are an experienced huntsman who needs that boost to get a bigger trophy or a beginning hunter who needs all the help he can get, the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Scope is the one for you!.

This is, by far, the best riflescope for the AR 10 .308 in the market ever! Unbeatable features for a relatively affordable price gives you serious, serious value for your investment with a lot to spare! With an illuminated reticle that gives you the best shot possible, clear optics, FFP and great zoom adjustments among others, you see how feature-laden and how value-heavy the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Scope is!.

Best Scope for AR 10 -16 barrel

A rifle like no other deserves nothing as better as the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 scope that helps you to compensate for bullet drop on any elevation at any distance at any conditions anywhere in the world!.

Boasting of ruggedly handsome construction that makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as heavy duty in terms of performance, this ACOG scope gives you the very best performance that you can possibly get. Superior materials and innovative features make for a high quality product that is guaranteed to leave you begging for more time to enjoy the bliss that hunting brings!.

Best Scope for AR 10 Carbines

If your rifle uses carbines and you are in the market for the best riflescope that money can buy without breaking the bank, then the Burris Optics 2-7×35 Fullfield Riflescope is just the rifle scope for you. High-class materials bring you the best performance that you can expect from such a dependable piece of equipment. Integrated designs give you every conceivable advantage you can think of on and off the range and the field! Crisp, clear images, excellent magnification and adjustment ranges make the Burris Optics Fullfield riflescope the best in its class and just right for your needs! And with the Burris Optics Lifetime Warranty, you would never have to worry about lousy customer service ever again! This is the riflescope for you! Whether you are a serious outdoorsman or just a novice hunter, you wouldn’t go wrong with Burris Optics!.

Best Hunting Scope for AR 10

If you are looking for the best AR-10 riflescope for hunting, don’t look any farther than the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope. It does offer you a decent enough variability in its magnification range (from 3x up to 9x) on a reliable 40mm objective lens and it also is equipped with a multi-coated optical system which gives you crisp images – on any lighting conditions, admitting 98 percent of available light giving you the best shot possible.

Made with durable materials with a nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed housing, the Nikon Prostaff is waterproof and fog-proof – giving you that advantage of unimpeded performance despite any weather conditions. You will get the best possible results using this riflescope all day and even all night long!.

And with a quick focus eyepiece and a length of 12.4 inches that helps in your eye-relief, you would do well to put your trust in the Nikon Prostaff for all your hunting riflescope needs!.

Best Tactical Scope for AR 10

First of all, the Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope is on a class of its own, different from other riflescopes because it is jam-packed with great features that help it achieve the promise of sensational performance any time of the day, every day you take it out to the range or to your hunting excursions for its paces.

A huge 50 millimeter objective lens is further supported by a highly variable magnification range (from 4x to 16x) that allows you to be as comfortable as possible at any elevation and distance. Adjust your scope to your satisfaction and get the best possible results every time!.

Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, it is a great tactical scope to have in your riflescope selection. Multicoated lens allows maximum light absorption – up to 98 percent of available light – so you wouldn’t have to worry about distorted images or unclear sightings. Couple this with a mildot reticle with a thin line and dot feature and you have a great scope on hand. Adjustable green illumination would help you to sight any target easily on any lighting conditions – increasing your chance to make the shot.

Best Night Vision Scope for AR 10

With smart technology creeping up in a rather traditional field and giving us an insight on what to expect of the future of the industry, you cannot go wrong by betting on and acquiring the American Technologies Network XSight 3-14 Riflescope.

Whether you are a battle-tested combat veteran who wants to have the best equipment on the field or just a weekend warrior whose passion for hunting is just being ignited, the features and the capabilities of the American Technologies Network XSight 3-14 Riflescope will give you all the advantages that you can think of. The night vision feature is top of the line and would make for a clear high definition image any time of the day, in any weather conditions you find or choose to shoot in.

American Technologies Network XSight 3-14 Riflescope will give you every advantage – and give you the best value for your money – guaranteed!

Best Long Range Scope for AR 10

Taking advantage of the Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1 Front Focal TMR in long range is a breeze that leaves you with a smile that cannot be pried!.

Although relatively pricier than other scopes in the market, it provides you with exceptional performance that justifies the tag price. First off, it has got great optics and optical resolution that gives you clear images up to 1000 yards!. If that isn’t exceptional, I don’t know what is!.

The Front Focal TMR reticle allows you to range your target as easy as 1-2-3. You cannot beat that guarantee! Easy to adjust with audible clicks to help you keep your position, it is one of the best buys for your money! Aesthetically pleasing to look at and certainly astonishing in terms of performance, you wouldn’t go wrong if you have enough money to spend on this AR 10 sniper scope!. It is the best and probably the last scope you would ever need!.

Best Cheap Scope for AR 10

Looking for a dependable AR-10 riflescope that is easy on the budget but packs a huge wallop in terms of performance? Then all you have to do is get your hands on the UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope for everything that you need!.

Constructed with highly durable materials it is completely sealed and nitrogen filled making it highly reliable on any weather conditions. You would be pleased to know that it is shock-proof, fog-proof and rain-proof, making you ready and capable of shooting at any distance no matter how tumultuous the weather may be! If that isn’t an advantage, then I do not what is.

And while it may only have a 32 millimeter objective lens, it does have a rather reliable magnification range – from 3x up to 9x – that can satisfy even the most discerning hunter as it is backed with red and green illumination to help you sight your target easily. Satisfactorily accommodating eye relief is another feature you would definitely like!.

So, it would be a good thing to consider AR-10 scope products if you are in the market for durable and long-term use scopes. Not only will they give you the most bang for your buck, they would also mean that you would have the best scope for AR 10 to suit your needs. This would equate to better performance as well as more trophies for your collection. And we would like to reiterate that your comfort about the implement would help you to ultimately decide which is the best AR 10 scope for you.

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