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Is 308 Winchester Same As 7.62 x 51 NATO

Image by sloth2048 | CC BY 2.0 The question of whether the .308 Winchester is the same as a 7.62 NATO is one that divides the gun community. Unfortunately the answer is complicated. In some ways they are different, and in some ways they aren’t. Here’s a look at the comparisons between the .308 Winchester […]

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What Can You Hunt With A 308?

Image by Bigbullguides| CC BY-SA 4.0 A .308 represents the type of ammunition which has a caliber, or diameter, of .308 inches. It is a brand of ammunition owned by Winchester and is used primarily for short-action hunting in the wild. The .308 is suitable for hunting animals of medium to large sizes and has […]

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  • Updated July 18, 2018

How to Build An AR-10

Image by | CC BY-SA 4.0 The AR-10 ArmaLite is almost on same build with AR-308, but there are few striking differences between the two. First thing first, the parts of AR-10 is the older version of AR-308 and is smaller than the latest version. The receiver has two holes for spring, the one […]

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What Is A 308 Rifle?

When people speak of a .308 rifle, they are actually referring to any semi-automatic or bolt action rifle that uses the Winchester .308 cartridge. The Winchester .308 cartridge was introduced in 1952 and today is used in both the 7.62.X51 NATO service rifle and in certain sporting rifles. These 7.62.X51 NATO rifles are made by […]

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How to Field Strip and Clean Your AR 10

If you have ever experienced the frustration of misfiring or jamming when you go to the gun range to shoot your AR 10, chances are it is highly likely that you neglected to do one very important thing. I am pretty sure the salesperson where you purchased your rifle told you that it is extremely […]

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What is the Caliber of an AR 10?

Although semi-automatic rifles were in production before the release of the AR-10, few matched the innovative design developed by AR-10 creator Eugene Stoner. Before the M-16 was developed, Stoner managed to create a design that basically was the same as the M-16, although with a .308 caliber.The military was particularly impressed with the AR-10’s design, […]

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What Is An AR-10 Rifle?

The AR-10 rifle is a lightweight air cooled magazine fed, gas operated rifle that uses a conventional layout with a pistol grip, handguard and buttstock. It is a long range .308 caliber rifle that weighs about 9 pounds. First developed in late 1955 and 1956 by Eugene Stoner of the Aramlite division of the Fairchild […]

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